About Me

SAGE Health + Nutrition was founded by Dr Rosamund Yoxall BMBS BSc

After training and working as an NHS doctor, I followed my passion for wellness and moved full-time into nutritional and lifestyle healthcare a few years ago. 

I studied postgraduate Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey (where I am currently completing an MSc research project), as well as Functional Medicine at AFMCP and various other specialty areas, such as nutrition in women’s health. Whilst still at medical school, I trained and worked as a private chef (so hopefully know a thing or two about translating nutritional science into tasty dishes) and completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Management from Imperial College, London. 

I have also had the privilege of working alongside and being mentored by Nutrition Therapist and bestselling author Amelia Freer, and have learnt an enormous amount from her during that time. 

I no longer practice as a doctor, but spend my time researching and writing about food, nutrition, health and lifestyle. I am not seeing any clients at the moment. 


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