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About Me

SAGE Health + Nutrition was founded by Dr Rosamund Yoxall BMBS BSc

After training and working as an NHS doctor, I followed my passion for wellness and moved full-time into nutritional and lifestyle healthcare a few years ago. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I studied postgraduate Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey (where I am currently completing an MSc research project), as well as Functional Medicine at AFMCP and various other specialty areas, such as nutrition in women’s health. Whilst still at medical school, I trained and worked as a private chef (so know a thing or two about translating nutritional science into tasty dishes) and completed a degree in Medical Sciences with Management from Imperial College, London. 

I have also had the privilege of working alongside and being mentored by Nutrition Therapist and bestselling author Amelia Freer, and have learnt an enormous amount from her during that time. 

I no longer practice as a doctor, but spend my time seeing clients, researching, teaching and writing about evidence-based health and lifestyle medicine.

When not working, I can be found running around the Devon hills, digging my unruly vegetable patch and spending time with my bouncy new baby. 


About SAGE

Everyone that attends the SAGE clinic comes with a unique set of concerns, genetic makeup, health history, gut microbiota, dietary pattern and combination of life pressures. Therefore, no single SAGE approach can be defined, as it all depends on the specific needs of the individual. However, there are some key guiding principles that help to inform my practice.


To tell your story in an unhurried and relaxed environment


Tackling the most important changes first, at a realistic pace


Trying to isolate the root cause of ill-health

Humble and Honest

Knowing when to say I don't know, and then knowing how to help you find out

Food first

Promoting simple, tasty, whole foods as a fundamental principle of good health

Evidence Led

Using peer-reviewed, reliable scientific literature to guide advice - not anecdote or trend


Working collaboratively to find a lifestyle plan that you enjoy, and can continue in the long term


Arming you with the knowledge to continue confidently on your own

Although I am a passionate advocate of the importance of a healthy diet, I also know that there is more to food than just its potential health benefits. Therefore, I always ensure there is space in any plan for joyful eating and celebration.