Stressed Woman

Chronic Symptoms

Living with chronic physical (or indeed, psychological) symptoms can feel like you are constantly dragging a heavy weight around with you. At best it a bit of an annoyance, at worst it significantly impacts on your daily life and functioning. However chronic symptoms affect you personally, it may be worth considering a functional medicine approach to discovering what potential causes may be underlying them; and what lifestyle factors, if any, could help to reduce, remove or resolve those causes.

Whilst, of course, it is very important to seek the advice and support of your GP or medical practitioner whenever you have new symptoms; some people find that the conventional model doesn’t completely resolve their problems, or indeed, would prefer to use a more natural / lifestyle-based approach to help themselves. Lifestyle choices can also play a key role in mitigating the future risk of further deterioration or ill-health.

Whilst far from an exhaustive list, these are some of the common chronic symptoms I see in clinic, and that may benefit from a functional or nutritional approach;

  • Low energy or fatigue

  • Lack of focus or concentration

  • Poor sleep / insomnia

  • Gut symptoms (including IBS)

  • Bloating

  • Women’s Health concerns

  • Weight changes

  • Skin health

  • Healthy aging

  • Type 2 diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance

  • Cardiovascular disease; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, family history of cardiovascular disease etc.

As someone who previously trained and practiced as a doctor, I am certainly not against the conventional model of medicine. It is a life-saving and essential part of our medical system, and I therefore do not see the functional nutritional medicine approach necessarily as an alternative. I prefer to use the term adjunctive. Both have their time and place. Both are important. Both offer different tools to fill our toolbox against disease and ill-health. And, sometimes, both should be used alongside each other for maximum beneficial impact. I therefore always encourage you to seek the advice and opinion of your GP or medical provider as well as coming to see me in clinic.