Consultancy & Events

Expert Opinion

Media / Press

I am able to give expert opinion, trend forecasting or even contribute whole, fully researched and referenced articles for print and online media.

I am also able to create and test new healthy recipes, complete with full nutritional information. 

Events & Workshops

Talks, demonstrations and Q & A sessions

I can provide a wide variety of talks on subjects related to lifestyle and nutrition, always with plenty of Q & A time! Previous venues have included the Port Eliot Festival & Lime Wood Hotel.


Nutritional Medicine CPD

I can provide fully evidence-based nutritional CPD presentations or workshops covering a wide range of topics - from 'How to eat well as a busy doctor with no time to shop or cook' to 'Supporting patients with cardiometabolic risk through simple lifestyle shifts'. 

Corporate Wellbeing

A healthy workforce

I would be delighted to visit your business and advise on simple steps to improve employee health and wellbeing both at home and at work.


Lime Wood Hotel

In Goop Health - London

GP Plus Group

The Pelvic Floor Society Annual Meeting

- Upcoming or recent speaking events

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