Fertility support


Planning to have a family is one of the biggest, and most exciting decisions any couple can make. Preparing yourselves for a pregnancy is an incredible opportunity; not only to optimise your own health and fertility, but also to prepare the environment of your body and uterus ready to grow and nourish a healthy infant. In an ideal world, taking 3-6 months before trying to conceive to lay this groundwork is optimal - although I know that we may be a bit late for some! That is no problem however; it is never too late to begin

We specialise in friendly, evidence-based preconception planning, natural fertility advice and pregnancy nutrition information. We also love to help people during the 'fourth trimester'; those important 2-3 months postpartum, where your body needs optimal nourishment to recover from the trials of pregnancy and delivery, as well as fueling you for the new experience of caring for (and perhaps also breastfeeding) a new babe. 

We also understand the challenges and emotional ups and downs of fertility challenges, and can therefore be here to offer lifestyle support for those undergoing assisted reproduction (such as IVF).

Some guiding principles of the SAGE fertility approach

  • We use a whole-body, whole-life approach to fertility; we don't just focus on one aspect alone, but look at nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and any underlying functional imbalances before coming up with a fertility or pregnancy lifestyle support plan. 

  • Each plan is individual tailored to your personal needs and requirements. No two plans are ever the same.

  • We can provide functional testing if deemed necessary. For example, to look for the MTHFR gene.


  • We help both men and women, in a friendly, fad-free and completely non-judgemental environment. 

  • We recommend a food-first philosophy to nutritional health; optimising your nutrient intake from whole-food sources initially, but also advising on effective and safe supplementation where necessary. 

  • We like to work closely your wider healthcare team; whether that might be doctors, midwives, ante-natal fitness or yoga specialists or anyone else. We are all working towards the same end goal at the end of the day