Fighting fatigue and jumping for joy

Restore your energy

Fighting Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms I see in clinic. Yet whilst it may seem like one problem – excessive tiredness – it is actually an umbrella term that covers a whole manner of different underlying causes. The key to fighting fatigue is therefore to work alongside a practitioner that can help you first to identify, and then reduce, remove, or resolve those causes.

There are far too many potentially contributory factors to fatigue to list them all here; but a significant number of them are related to, or can be modulated by, your diet and lifestyle. Together, we will try to work out what might be contributing to your own pattern of fatigue, and then devise a targeted and gradual programme to help energise you again. Nothing extreme, nothing scary, just sensible, friendly advice and support.

Why not consider booking an initial consultation to discuss your personal concerns and goals in more detail?

What might life look and feel like without fatigue?

  • You wake feeling refreshed, after a good night’s sleep.

  • You do not need to regularly rely on caffeine, sugar or other stimulants to energise you.

  • You are able to focus and concentrate on all the tasks of your day easily.

  • You have enough energy for regular physical exercise; at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week and plenty of everyday movement too.

  • You are able to participate enthusiastically in hobbies or social activities on a regular basis; both during the day and in the evening where needed.

  • You do not need to nap or have a significant ‘rest’ at any point during the day, but towards bedtime start to feel comfortably tired and ready to sleep.

  • You feel like you always have a little ‘reserve’ left in the tank for unexpected circumstances.

  • The above characteristics are present the majority of the time (of course, we all have ‘off’ days and those where we are feeling under-the-weather, but the key here is that you feel good most of the time).

Please note, although I do help people with general fatigue on a regular basis, I am not a specialist nutritionist in (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) CFS or ME. You may therefore prefer to seek the advice of a practitioner who specialises in helping people who suffer from these conditions on a more regular basis. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.