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Understanding Functional Medicine

Finding the root cause


Functional Medicine is a system that helps practitioners and clients to get to the root cause of chronic disease and stubborn symptoms. Using a physiological approach, rather than the traditional organ-systems definition of disease, we try to work out what is going on at a biological level. What might be triggering, driving or perpetuating your symptoms? And what can we do about it to help you feel better?

Often, the answers to these critical questions lie in targeted and highly specific lifestyle changes. SAGE Health + Nutrition specialises in this approach. 

A note on my use of functional medicine principles...

Please note, however, that I do not do a lot of 'functional testing', and do not offer IgG food intolerance tests to my clients. Where testing is required, this is always highly targeted, and usually only after baseline lifestyle changes have been instigated. Likewise, I promote a 'food-first' approach to nutrition, rather than using a lot of supplements.

Each practitioner has a considered and different approach, but this is the way I work. For more information, please see my 4-pillar approach below;


The 4 Pillar Approach

These are the 4 fundamental principles of lifestyle health that define the SAGE approach to wellbeing. Each pillar is individually assessed and considered for every client - we don't solely focus on food.

Holding Hands
Bowl of Berries
Yoga by the Pool


Relaxation & Connection



Lemon Tree

About SAGE

Everyone that attends the SAGE clinic comes with a unique set of concerns, genetic makeup, health history, gut microbiota, dietary pattern and combination of life pressures. Therefore, no single SAGE approach can be defined, as it all depends on the specific needs of the individual. However, there are some key guiding principles that help to inform my practice.


To tell your story in an unhurried and relaxed environment


Tackling the most important changes first, at a realistic pace


Trying to isolate the root cause of ill-health

Humble and Honest

Knowing when to say I don't know, and then knowing how to help you find out

Food first

Promoting simple, tasty, whole foods as a fundamental principle of good health

Evidence Led

Using peer-reviewed, reliable scientific literature to guide advice - not anecdote or trend


Working collaboratively to find a lifestyle plan that you enjoy, and can continue in the long term


Arming you with the knowledge to continue confidently on your own

Although I am a passionate advocate of the importance of a healthy diet, I also know that there is more to food than just its potential health benefits. Therefore, I always ensure there is space in any plan for joyful eating and celebration.