Managing Stress / stress support

Managing Stress

Time to relax

Life is inherently stressful; there will always be ups and downs. So rather than talking about eliminating stress from our lives (an unrealistic expectation), the functional medicine approach focuses far more on coming up with appropriate strategies and ideas for helping us to firstly recognise when we are stressed, and secondly, to learn how to actively manage those feelings in a way that works for us as an individual. 

We know that stress has both psychological and physiological consequences; and its symptoms can range from full-blown burnout to occasional mild anxiety - and many more in-between. Learning what our own personal signs and symptoms of stress are is a life skill I wish we were all taught at a young age! It is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge stress. Indeed, it is a completely normal and expected part of the human experience. 

The functional medicine approach to health therefore almost always covers the identification of stress, and considers ways to actively manage it. But there is no 'one size fits all' technique; it completely depends on your own preferences. We know that not everyone enjoys meditation or yoga!