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Weight Loss

The SAGE approach to weight optimisation may be quite different to what you have come across before. In fact, we very rarely focus directly on weight reduction itself (although, of course, this does still occur as a side-effect). Instead, we focus on working out the underlying triggers and drivers that led you to gain weight in the first place. All the myriad factors in your life that make it harder for you to eat moderately, maintain a healthy weight and participate in regular physical activity.

Many of these factors are not your own fault, nor indeed are many of them under your conscious control. For example, you cannot control the rise in hunger hormones that occur as a result of poor sleep; but you can work on improving your sleep routine. You cannot tell your knee to stop aching when you go out for a run; but you can see a functional physiotherapist to help work on the balance and strength of your whole body. You cannot consciously increase your basal metabolic rate; but we can consider why it might be low.

There are hundreds of different potential factors that can contribute to weight gain. By working together, we can try to find which factors are relevant to you and your life; and then come up with a shared plan to reduce, resolve or remove them.

Weight loss can then occur naturally as a side-benefit, with minimal stress or effort, and certainly without resorting to unsustainable dieting or extreme exercise programmes.

By removing the cause, we deal with the consequences once and for all. It’s not a quick-fix, but it is a long-term fix – importantly, one that you can maintain for the rest of your life.